Belize, C.A.

02 - 11 October 1999

In early October, Denise and I returned to Belize for our fourth time for a much needed vacation. We were joined by our friends, Marty and Ann Guidry. We spent about a week in the jungle, first at Chan Chich Lodge in the Orange Walk District and then at Hidden Valley Inn in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of the Cayo District. We ended our trip on Ambergris Caye, where we fished, snorkeled and enjoyed the beautiful Caribbean waters and Belize's barrier reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere.

We saw more than 175 species of birds, and numerous interesting mammals, including Jaguar, Spider Monkey, Black Howler Monkey, White-lipped Peccary, Silky Anteater, Kinkajou, Gray Fox, Coatimundi, River Otter, White-tailed Deer, Deppe's Squirrel, and several species of bats. Other notable sightings included Red-eyed Tree Frog, Tarantula, Wolf Spider, Tailless Scorpion Spider, Leaf-cutter Ants, Glow Worm, Green Iguana, Spiny-tailed Iguana, and Jesus Christ Lizard. On the reef, we saw Eagle Ray, Sting Ray, Nurse Shark, Barracuda, Green Moray Eel, Black Moray Eel, Spiny Lobster, about thirty species of reef inhabiting fishes, and numerous breath-taking corals.

Belize is truly a magnificent country, and we'll be back -- you better Belize it!

-- David J. L'Hoste

Chan Chich

View of Chan Chich Lodge
View of Chan Chich Lodge II
Typical Cabana at Chan Chich (1)
On the Road to Chan Chich (1)
Suspension Bridge at Little Chan Chich Creek
Waiting on Ornate Hawk-eagle
Laguna Seca (2)
Looter's Trench

Hidden Valley

1000-foot Falls
Ann with Annie, the Coatimundi
Typical Room at Hidden Valley
Butterfly Falls
Swimming Under Butterfly Falls (1)
Canoeing the Macal River
Canoeing the Macal River II (1)
Canoeing the Macal River III (1)
Xunantunich (1)
Leaving the Mainland and Rennie (3)

Ambergris Caye

Fishing Off Ambergris Caye - Ann (1)
Fishing Off Ambergris Caye - Marty (1)
Luis - Future Fishing Guide
Filleting the Catch
Ann and Marty at the Holiday Hotel (1)
Denise and David at the Holiday Hotel (2)
More coming soon!

(1) = photograph by Denise F. L'Hoste; (2) = photograph by Ann Guidry; (3) = photograph by a Tropic Air baggage handler; others by David J. L'Hoste.

Birds and other critters:
Magnificent Frigatebird
Roadside Hawk
Ocellated Turkey
Spider Monkey
Leaf-cutter Ants
Montezuma Oropendola Nest Tree

Where we stayed:
Chan Chich
Hidden Valley
Holiday Hotel, Ambergris Caye

From an earlier trip to Ambergris Caye:
Ambergris Caye by D. J. L'Hoste
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[Keel-billed Toucan by David J. L'Hoste.]

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